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ShipMed® Safety System

A medical quality assurance tool coupled with telemedicine 

ShipMed® Safety System ensures simple and safe operation of the ship’s hospital. 

The medical quality assurance tool lays the foundation for securing life and health on board and has been developed by medical personnel with long experience in ship medicine, in close cooperation with the maritime business, and according to Norwegian and International standards and regulations.
ShipMed® Safety System assures the hospital stores and provides a full overview of the stock, expiry dates, distribution and purchase of medicines and medical equipment, as well as reports for stock, consumption and purchase. The software also provides a guide to use of medicines and medical equipment, a quick reference for medical equipment for different injuries and video clips showing various medical procedures.

The quality assurance tool is available in Norwegian, English and Portuguese, and covers lists of ships medicine for a wide variety of flag states.

Telemedical solution

ShipMed® Safety System offers an option for telemedical solutions on board ships through ShipMed® Premium membership. The solution is coupled to the quality assurance tool, and increases the likelihood of reaching a diagnosis and administering treatment quickly. It allows for contact between vessels and doctor on shore with moving images and sound, as well as transfer of medical data such as ECG, pictures and text. In that way, illness, pains and visible injuries can be properly described and communicated, and correct treatment or evacuation can start quickly.

Demonstration of ShipMed Safety System: